About Us

Damara (respelt of Tàmara)

“hand” and sometimes “to wipe the hands”
in Aboriginal language of Australia
according to William Dawes (1762-1836),
the most reliable recorder of the Sydney Language.


"DAMARA botanicals - botanical lifestyle brings purity"

DAMARA botanicals has always had a fascination with the botanicals related products and the natural actives they provide, our believes in their power is a cornerstone of the brand.  We harness the power of clean and innovative science, to help us create the best green formulations that are intrinsically better to everyone's lifestyle.  

We are committed to the responsible use of existing resources and ingredients, without sacrificing quality. Animal testing has never been and never will be a part of any stage of our product development.  We also have a clear distinguishing brand-positioning as we only offer products with beneficial botanical, skin-friendly and non-toxin elements.

We believe everyone is born beautiful.  In ancient history, babies were bathed using pure floral water as evening cleansing ritual, botanical cleansing has been with human history since then.  The establishment of DAMARA botanicals allows us to source and design our lifestyle products with botanical essence, and prioritize our major ingredients eco-friendly, naturally and healthily.