About Us

Damara (respelt of Tàmara)

“hand” and sometimes “to wipe the hands” in Aboriginal language of Australia according to William Dawes (1762-1836), the most reliable recorder of the Sydney Language.


DAMARA - botanical lifestyle brings purity, it's a store sourcing from nature to clean science and innovation for giving everyone the green chemistry with purifying elements.  By complying the ethical business practice, we have a clear distinguishing brand-positioning as we only focus products from beneficial botanical, skin-friendly and non-toxin elements.   DAMARA is a botanical lifestyle brand committed to bringing you a botanical realm of sense.  

We believe everyone is born beautiful.  In ancient history, babies were bathed using pure floral water as evening cleansing ritual, botanical cleansing has been with human history since then.  That’s the reason why DAMARA is established, we source and design our lifestyle products with botanical essence with loves, ethics and social responsibilities, and prioritize our major ingredients in eco-friendly, naturally and healthy way.

Our own designed signature cleansing products are formulated with Australian ingredients of the highest quality, combined plant-based and scientific ingredients together.  With formulations contain unique Australian native essence, we source our ingredients from the nature and organic plants, furthermore, scientific method.  To extend our commitment to create purity and scientific integrity and healthy lifestyle products that not only nourish our skin, but also revive our body and glam up our interior mind.